Kindle Unlimited: A Comprehensive Guide

A Comprehensive Guide For Kindle Unlimited

A Comprehensive Guide For Kindle Unlimited

If you’re an avid reader, you know that feeding your reading addiction can sometimes take a toll on your wallet. Thankfully, there are savvy ways to explore new books without breaking the bank. Libraries, retail sales, and online book subscriptions offer budget-friendly alternatives to building your reading list.

We opted for a few personal e-book platform subscriptions, tried to test the waters ourselves, and concluded that Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited became our favorite choice. It’s been the best reading companion for many of our colleagues, opening up a treasure trove of books.

If you’re wondering what Kindle Unlimited or KU is all about or debating its value for your hard-earned money, this post will break down the details that will help you decide if it’s the right fit for your reading journey.

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Is Kindle Unlimited Worth It?

A buddy threw a real head-scratcher my way recently – the kind that could make or break how your bookish life is doing now. Is shelling out for Kindle Unlimited (KU) still a good deal? Significantly, since they bumped the monthly fee from $9.99 to $11.99 (plus taxes). 

Well, it all boils down to how much you’re diving into books each month, for real. (Forget about the towering TBR pile for a second, okay? Let’s dig in first: what is Kindle Unlimited and how does it work?

What is Kindle Unlimited?

Basically, it’s a platform for book readers and book publishers, where both readers and authors get the benefits: one of the books and the other for loads of money.

Kindle Unlimited – in a sentence, it is a buffet for book enthusiasts. With over 150 million subscribers, readers can feast on ten borrowed titles at a time. 

How Does Kindle Unlimited Work for Authors?

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Now, let’s shift to the author’s perspective. Authors kick off their journey on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). After uploading their book, they enlist in KDP Select, committing to Amazon exclusivity for 90 days. During this period, Amazon gets the exclusive right to sell the book, keeping it away from other platforms.

How do Authors Get Paid on Kindle Unlimited?

If you’re curious about how authors make money through Kindle Unlimited, here’s how it works. The payment is based on the KENPC (Kindle Edition Normalized Page Count), which calculates the number of pages in a book based on its word count. For example, a 50,000-word e-book will have roughly 250 pages. The monthly pay rate ranges from $.004 to $.005 per page, depending on the KDP Select Global Fund and the number of enrolled books. So, if a reader finishes a 250-page book, the author will earn approximately $1.25.

Are you curious about how Kindle Unlimited functions? Let’s dive in.

How does Kindle Unlimited Work?

Kindle Unlimited, or KU, operates as a monthly subscription, unlocking a treasure trove of over 4 million digital books and thousands of audiobooks, comics, and magazines. Once you subscribe, you can start snagging titles from the extensive Kindle Unlimited catalog.

Compatibility is no issue – Kindle Unlimited seamlessly meshes with all Kindle devices and can be accessed via the Kindle app on your phone, computer, or tablet.

Borrowing books is a breeze with Kindle Unlimited, no looming due dates to stress over. 

Now, let’s explore the literary buffet that Kindle Unlimited lays out.

Books Available on Kindle Unlimited

Feast your eyes on an array of titles, from current chart-toppers like “Whispers of Serenity” by Emma Harper to enduring masterpieces like “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen. 

You can delve into the intellectual realm with thought-provoking nonfiction like “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg. 

The expansive catalog, boasting over 4 million digital books, caters to every reading taste imaginable.

Does Kindle Unlimited Have Audiobooks and Magazines?

If you enjoy audiobooks, you’ll be happy to know that Kindle Unlimited offers audio narration for thousands of books. Look for the headphones icon next to the Kindle Unlimited logo to 

find titles with this feature. And magazine lovers, rejoice. Kindle Unlimited extends its reach to popular magazine and newspaper subscriptions, including USA Today, Reader’s Digest, Men’s Health, People Magazine, and Bloomberg Businessweek.

How Many Books Can You Borrow on Kindle Unlimited?

Now, one of the most burning questions: how many books can you juggle at once, or what is the Kindle Unlimited book limit? Unlock the world of unlimited reading with Kindle Unlimited. Get access to over a million digital books, audiobooks, and comics. Borrow up to 20 of your favorite titles simultaneously and enjoy them on your Kindle device or free Kindle app. Start your free trial today and discover a new world of reading!

Just a heads up – magazine subscriptions won’t dent your borrowing limit.

How do you sign up for Kindle Unlimited or KU?

Signing up for Kindle Unlimited is easy. 

You need to go to Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited sign-up page. Once there, you’ll find a ‘Join Kindle Unlimited’ button. Click on it, and you’ll be guided through the sign-up process. You’ll need an Amazon account, so ensure you have that ready.

How much does Kindle Unlimited Cost?

As for the Kindle Unlimited or KU price, it comes with a monthly subscription fee. 

The current price is $11.99 per month, plus taxes. This fee allows unlimited access to a vast library of digital books, audiobooks, comics, and magazines on Kindle Unlimited. 

The prices may vary based on your location because of taxes.

Kindle Unlimited Subscription V/S Other Online Book Subscriptions.

When it comes to online book subscriptions, the battle is real. 

Kindle Unlimited is a player in the game, but how does it stack up against other options? Let’s break it down. Kindle Unlimited is Amazon’s offering, letting subscribers access a massive library of over 4 million digital books, plus audiobooks, comics, and magazines. 

Conversely, there are various online book subscriptions, each with perks. 

Audible, for instance, is known for its vast audiobook collection and high-quality productions.  Scribd is in the mix, providing a diverse range of eBooks, audiobooks, and even sheet music. But here’s the deal Kindle Unlimited takes the spotlight for its seamless integration with Amazon devices and services. It syncs beautifully if you’re a Kindle user or an Amazon fan.

However, other services might offer exclusive content or a different mix of genres that better suit your reading taste. 

And they say it’s not just about the quantity but also the quality of the literary feast.

The key is to weigh your preferences, consider your device ecosystem, and evaluate the content variety. A particular service may better with your reading cravings. Whether it’s Kindle Unlimited or another contender, the choice boils down to what suits your bookish appetite best.”

But there’s more to it while making the decision.

Publishing Your Book on Kindle Unlimited or Traditionally Sale on Amazon, Which Is Better?

Let’s break down the distinction between a book available in Kindle Unlimited (KU) and one sold on and other retailers. 

A book in KU is exclusively accessible to Amazon Prime members through their KU subscription, allowing borrowing but not outright purchasing. On the other hand, a book not in KU can be bought by anyone and is available in various formats (Kindle, e-book, or physical copy) across different platforms. Authors can enroll in KU, earning based on pages read by subscribers, or opt for traditional sales, receiving the full book price.  Some authors might use KU for a limited period as a promotional strategy before expanding distribution through other channels.

The decision hinges on the, 

Author’s preferences, 

The book’s nature, 

And the target audience. 

While starting the self-publishing journey might seem daunting, breaking it into manageable steps can make the process smoother. 

Considering Pros and Cons of Self-Publishing with Kindle Unlimited

Are you considering Kindle Unlimited (KU) for your self-publishing journey? It’s a tempting option with its financial perks and increased visibility on Amazon. But, like anything, there are two sides to the coin. Let’s look into the pros and cons of both.

Pros of Kindle UnlimitedCons of Using Kindle Unlimited

Greater Amazon Royalties

Many authors find Kindle Unlimited financially rewarding, earning generous royalties. While not universal, it often makes it easier to rake in higher earnings than other platforms. 


The major drawback of KU is exclusivity; you’re tied to Amazon. While it often results in more revenue, it closes doors to other retail opportunities, including direct sales from your website.

Every “Borrow” Counts as a Sale

Each borrower acts like a sale in KU, boosting your visibility on Amazon. It increases your chances of automated marketing, a valuable tool in the Amazon arsenal.

Amazon Bugs and Account Shutdowns

Amazon’s occasional bugs or account shutdowns can be a nightmare. Legitimate authors often get caught in Amazon’s attempts to tackle scammers. Restoring a closed account is a daunting process.

Better for Certain Niches

Specific niches, especially hyper-specific or emerging ones, thrive in Kindle Unlimited. You can use Publisher Rocket to determine if a niche suits Kindle Unlimited readers and independent authors.

Amazon Might Penalize You for Someone Else’s Piracy

An unsettling scenario: your book is pirated elsewhere, and Amazon, detecting it, accuses you of violating exclusivity. Dealing with such situations is challenging, as you have little control over piracy.

Access to Kindle Countdown Deals and Free Book Promotions:

Enrolling in KU offers additional promotional tools, including Kindle Countdown Deals and Free Book Promotions. These tools can give your book a vital boost in the Amazon algorithm.


Tips to Make Kindle Unlimited Work

Prime Reading vs. Kindle Unlimited, and Is Kindle Unlimited Free with Prime?

Let’s break down the Kindle offerings. Prime Reading vs. Kindle Unlimited.

Prime Reading
Kindle Unlimited
Prime Reading is a perk for Amazon Prime members and comes at no extra cost. You get access to a selection of eBooks, magazines, and more, but it’s a bit like a lending library you borrow, you return. Kindle Unlimited is a standalone subscription service offering a more extensive library. You can access a vast collection of e-books, audiobooks, and magazines for a monthly fee. As of May 11, the cost is $11.99 plus taxes. You can enjoy as many literary works as you like and keep them on your virtual shelf as long as you maintain your subscription. It’s like a buffet of literary delights at your fingertips.

Now, the burning question Is Kindle Unlimited free with Prime? 

Unfortunately, no. They’re separate subscriptions, each with its own perks. 

Prime Reading is part of the Prime package, while Kindle Unlimited has its own membership fee. 

So, if you want to enjoy the full Kindle Unlimited or KU experience, it’s an additional subscription on top of your Prime membership.

In a nutshell, Prime Reading is a nice bonus for Prime members, and Kindle Unlimited is the premium option for those hungry for an extensive literary feast.

How do you End Your Kindle Unlimited Subscription?

Lastly, about cutting off with Kindle Unlimited. It’s a simple process. 

Log in to your Amazon account, 

Go to ‘Accounts and Lists,’ 

And locate ‘Your Kindle Unlimited.’ 

Click on it, 

And a new page will appear. 

Find the ‘Cancel Kindle Unlimited Membership’ button on the left side. 

Click it, and voila, you’ve canceled it. 

Just remember that your membership remains active until the current billing period ends. 

Also, here’s a heads up – when you’re canceling Kindle Unlimited, they might sweeten the deal by offering you another discount, like a free month or three more months at a reduced rate of 99 cents per month or something.

Do you have any more questions on your mind related to publishing on Kindle Unlimited (KU) or Kindle Direct Publishing? Contact us, and we’ll try our best to help out.


So, if you’re wondering if Kindle Unlimited or KU is a smart move? Well, it’s a win. Instead of forking out cash for each book, especially when many fall into the budget-friendly romance category, a flat monthly rate of $12 makes sense. Let’s face it: buying books, even e-books can dent your wallet (hello, $10 a pop on average). So, if you’re devouring two or more books monthly and are okay exploring KU’s library, that $12 subscription could be music to your budget’s ears.