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Let your Book Shine with Our Professional Book Editing Services

In an author’s journey, a book must undergo several edits before being on the shelves. So, let us help you polish your book into a gem that shines with our expert book editing services.

Swift Book Editing Services
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Swift Book Publishing
Swift Book Publishing
Swift Book Publishing
Swift Book Publishing
Swift Book Editing Services
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Why Hire Our Editors For Your Book

Errors are the norm in writing, whether you’re a new or seasoned professional. The only way to remove them is by partnering with an expert editor. Our professional editors are just what you need. Here’s what makes our book editing service different:

Diverse Team of Professionals

As a professional book editing company, we boast a diverse team of professionals. Our experts come from different backgrounds, having expertise in various genres and writing styles. 

Customized and Affordable Editing

Our editors tailor our services to ensure they match your unique needs. From line editing to copy editing, we’ll handle it all. 

Transparent and Collaborative Process:

We want to build trust with every client we work with. We value transparency throughout our editing process, so we keep you in the loop regarding the stage at which your book is. 

Swiftly Editing your Book from Cover to Cover

Book writing is a challenging ordeal, but editing, the next challenge, is yet to come. Here’s how our professional book editing services can help you out here!

Line Editing

Fluidity is a major factor in the reader’s engagement. Clunky sentences can break the reader’s immersion. Our expert editors can improve your content’s fluidity and coherence. Through proper line editing, we’ll work on enhancing the readability and clarity of your book.

Copy Editing

After removing any issues of clarity and readability, we next take a deeper look at the grammar, syntax, and punctuation. We don’t want your readers to get the wrong impression from minor issues in your book. Our editors will finely scan these minor errors and fix them accordingly.


Finally, we’ll proofread the whole book to ensure any and all issues are removed, so it’s ready for the next step, publication. Our editors take the time to read the whole book, page by page, to ensure no errors remain. Moreover, our thorough proofreading guarantees a flawless manuscript, ready for publication.

What Does Our Book Editing Process Look Like?

So, how do we go about book editing? Well, here’s a complete rundown of our process from start to finish:

Consultation and Quotation

First things first, we sit down with you to learn your concerns. We don’t mind how long it takes; we want to ensure you clearly communicate your editing needs, the type of editing you want.

Manuscript Submission

After the agreement, you must submit your manuscript for the editing service. You'll have to send an electronic copy. You're free to share any special instructions you like for the editing process regarding the style and tone.

Editing Process

In this stage, our expert editors will take care of the book editing as per the agreement. Our professionals take their time while removing grammar, syntax, and punctuation errors while enhancing readability and clearance.

Review and Feedback

We send the document to you for review after it has been edited. We encourage you to provide useful feedback on clarification and writing style. If any issues arise, please contact us through our open lines of communication.

Final Delivery

After meticulously finalizing all revisions, we'll promptly deliver the refined version to ensure your book radiates polish. This marks a pivotal juncture, propelling your manuscript towards the subsequent phase of its development: editing.

What to Expect from our Professional Book Editing Service?

We want your book to shine in the literary world. Here’s what you get by collaborating with an expert book editing company like us:

Expert Fiction Editors

Our experts have experience dealing with fiction stories. We’ll ensure your creativity is secured.

Story Polishing

We aim to polish your story to keep the readers immersed from start to end.

High Quality

You’ll get high-quality and engaging pieces when you partner up with us. Get in touch with us. 

Swift Book Editing Services
Swift book publishing

Frequently Asked Questions

We hire based on subject-area expertise, with postgraduate degrees and beyond. Further, more than 60% of our manuscript editors have a research background.

Yes, our editors have undergone rigorous training to deliver substantial results to authors.

For starters, we’re the best book editing services in the region. But another benefit of hiring us is that we’ll help you become a bestseller.

Yes, you can. You can reach out to us, and we’ll happily perform your requested changes. 

To get your book edited Look for professional editors who specialize in your genre and have experience working with authors, use editing software, or enlist beta readers to provide feedback. However, it’s crucial to choose an editor who specializes in your genre and to be open to constructive criticism and suggestions.


Advantages of Swift's Book Editing Services

We excel as book editing professionals, with considerable knowledge of a variety of genres. Our quick book editing services allow you to make changes to your text quickly and easily. Notably, we exhibit outstanding proficiency in genres like as:

Answer to Common Questions

Frequent Questions

If you are curious about professional book editing services, You are at the right place. Our bunch of FAQs have got you covered, shedding light on the enigmatic world of professional book editing services. 

Estimating the book editing cost is difficult due to consideration of several factors. These include the type of book editing, urgency, book-length, etc. However, our affordable book editing services can offer a reasonable price for our services.
The service involves reviewing your manuscript to improve the language and content structure. It enhances your book’s overall quality. It’s crucial to have an expert editor take a look at your book to ensure it is engaging and immersive for readers.
Your submitted manuscript is your intellectual property. We’ll treat it with utmost respect and discretion and ensure that it remains confidential for everyone else apart from our editors.
Before we begin book editing, we’ll take an initial consultation to assess the manuscript’s needs and discuss your goals. After evaluation, we’ll recommend the most appropriate service for your book.