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Our Terms & Conditions

Your acceptance of the terms and conditions stated on this page is indicated when you complete an order placing with us, that is, when you make the payment. A formal contract between the client and Swift Book Publishing is contained in these terms. You are considered to be bound by the following terms by consenting to order from Swift Book Publishing and utilize its services:

We Deliver Original Content Only

You can count on us to provide original content. You will receive a Copyscape report from us to make sure the content is authentic. (Note: Copyscape will not scan any text that is hidden within images, movies, or other media that search engines are unable to read.) As we do not include such services at our regular costs, you can opt for deeper and more thorough plagiarism checks than Copyscape on your own. Regarding the originality of the work you receive from AMZ Book Publishing, you can be confident.

We Deliver Content With Complete Ownership

As soon as an order is placed and paid for, it becomes your property. We don’t request recognition from you or demand that you in any way refer to us or the work we did for you. Every full order gives you total control over the content. You will be allowed to use the content as you see fit, but you will also need to publish it under your name.

How do we protect your information?

We employ security procedures at every stage to ensure the protection of your personal information from the moment you place an order until you withdraw, enter, or submit any of it. Every piece of information you share with us is secure and confidential since we use SSL. We do not keep any of your personal information, including credit card numbers, social security numbers, bank account information, etc., in our database after a transaction is completed.

Why do we use cookies?

Cookies are used by us to monitor advertisements and gather general information about site traffic and user activity. It allows us to provide users with improved site experiences and resources. If necessary, we might look to a third party for assistance in helping us comprehend visitor behavior. Third-party service providers, however, are prohibited from using the data gathered for anything other than consumer analysis.

Our Policy For Using Images

We are a firm believer in following the law and preserving our reputation with clients and the industry over the long haul. We do not utilize photographs that are protected by copyright because we do not own the copyright to them. All we’ll do is give you a link to suggested images, which you may copy and paste on your own. Additionally, these links can give you a general concept of the kinds of images that might fit the material. If not, you can utilize royalty-free photos without any concerns. But you could have to compensate the owner(s) of copyrighted photographs.

Limitation Of Liability

It is recommended that users carefully read this clause. With this announcement, Amazon Book Publishing disclaims any liability for any direct or indirect losses that our customer(s) may have incurred as a result of using our website or the services or goods purchased via it. This disclaimer also covers any viruses that might have been downloaded through our website or products and might have resulted in material or reputational loss. We will never be held responsible for any loss or liability that might arise from a user’s incapacity or ability to use our website or products.

We Update Our Policies

Because this privacy statement is subject to change, you must periodically check our policy page to see if there have been any updates. There is no time limit or requirement for prior notice for the policy modifications.

Refund Policy

To prevent any misunderstandings regarding the terms pertaining to AMZ Book Publishing’s return policy, please carefully read and comprehend the following terms. You can speak with our customer care agent about the refund policy if you’re still unclear about it. If you are unsure about the terms and conditions of the refund, we suggest that you clarify your understanding of them. Refunds are only available under certain circumstances and in exceptional cases, as follows:

If approved, all purchases above $15,000 will be refunded in equal monthly installments of $5000.

Full Refund

The option of a complete refund is available to you with Swift Book Publishing. We cherish our customers and make every effort to help them. You can talk to a member of our support team about the status of your work if it has begun and you need to stop working on it or get a refund. They will be able to help you further. You can present your current employment status and any options you may have in the given situation with the guidance and assistance.

Change OF Mind

Within the first hour after placing your order, you may request a refund if (for any reason) you decide afterward not to proceed with your project with us. In all other circumstances, there will be a 60% processing fee.

incomplete delivery

Customers may only request a refund after the work has been delivered and they have used all of the methods listed below.

  • if it doesn’t meet the project’s needs (as specified by the customer and/or documented). We promise to give our clients complete satisfaction, and we provide as many modifications as needed to make sure the delivery meets your standards. We allocate, redistribute, and rework your task to guarantee total fulfillment.
  • You can reserve FREE pages at any moment for a future date that are equal in value.

Refunds will be handled based on a mutually agreed-upon percentage if we are still unable to fulfill your request (but only in the event that the delivery is wholly inadequate).

Refund Time Frame

  • After delivery, refunds must be requested within 120 days. Claims for refunds made beyond the specified period will not be accepted.
  • When placing an order, all customers need to be aware of the deadline for requesting a refund.

Situations in which a refund is not guaranteed

  • If there are small technical errors that cause delivery delays, including typographical, grammatical, word count, missing references, etc., refunds will be handled mutually and the company will only accept a partial refund or discounts that can be applied to future orders.
  • Any delay on the part of the client will not be covered by the company’s insurance.
  • Due to poor writing, there will be no refunds.
  • In the event that a client is unwilling to grant our team access to their social media accounts or book retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.), our team will not be able to complete book marketing or publishing assignments and will not be compensated.