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Quality Book Proofreading Services for Expert Writers.

Everyone makes mistakes, even writers. Mistakes are
natural, but not correcting them is worrisome. If avoided, these book mistakes can cause readers frustration and negative reviews, so you need a professional proofreader to review your work before publication. Swift Book Publishing provides professional proofreading services to refine your work.

Book Proofreading Services
Swift Book Publishing
Swift Book Publishing
Swift Book Publishing
Swift Book Publishing
Swift Book Publishing
Book Proofreading Services
Swift book publishing

How Does Our Professional Proofreading Service Benefit Your Book?

When you partner up with Swift Book Publishing, you’re partnering with the best. Here’s how we benefit your book:

Spotting Spelling Errors

Spelling mistakes are common in writing, but you don’t have to worry. We’ll scan your whole document for linguistic errors to keep it error-free.

Professional Grammar Checkers

We’ll also scan your document for any punctuation or grammatical errors you might have missed.


Apart from grammar and spelling, we’ll also go the extra step to ensure every statement you write is factually correct.

We’ll Polish Your Book to Perfection

Add elements of pleasure to your manuscript with our professional proofreading services.

Spotting Spelling Mistakes

We meticulously spot spelling mistakes and other linguistic errors hassle-free.

Professional Spelling and Grammar Checkers

Our proofreader for hire correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation concerns in your book. 

Fact Checking

Our book proofreaders also check for facts and ensure that they are stated correctly.

Swift Book Publishing
Swift book publishing

Book Proofreading Services That We Offer

As professional proofreaders, we go about proofreading a little differently. Depending on your requirements, we offer three types of book proofreading services.

Basic Proofreading

This one is aimed at offering you a second pair of eyes to skim your documents for minor mistakes like typos and grammatical errors. Basic proofreading works as you’re finalizing your document and sending it for publishing.

Proofreading & Editing

It is a more comprehensive service than basic proofreading. Not only do our proofreaders take the time to assess grammatical and spelling errors, but also your book’s tone, layout, and consistency. The service works well after you’re done with your book manuscript.

Heavy Editing

If you’re new to writing, mistakes are common. But, if you tend to make more mistakes while writing then
others then consider heavy editing. The service covers everything and addresses every issue they find. You should consider the service if you make frequent mistakes while writing.

What to Expect from Our Proofreading Process?

As proofreading comes right after editing, your document must be perfect to be ready for publishing. Here’s what our book proofreading process looks like:

Initial Consultation

First, we arrange a meeting with you to discuss the document need and your expectations regarding our service. After collecting the initial project details, we'll estimate the project scope, price, and turnaround time.

Document Submission

After confirmation, we ask you to submit your document electronically to proofread. Upon receiving your document, we start the initial assessment, in which we assess the overall condition of your manuscript.


Here, our professional proofreading service comes into play. Our experts scan your document using multiple proofreading techniques like line-by-line proofreading, consistency checks, and fact-checking to spot errors and inconsistencies.

Quality Assurance

We don't just scan your document once and be done with the day. It requires reviewing the document multiple times. In addition, we pass the document to more than one proofreader to ensure it's ready for final review.

Delivery and Client Feedback

After the final review, we return the final document to you at the agreed-upon time. We encourage you to assess your document and offer feedback regarding our service. If you have any special requests, we'll gladly help.

Learn about Our Book Profreading Process

Although proofreading is the last step of our editing process, but we take even this process seriously. Our proofreading process includes the following steps.


Checking for Other Errors

Our book proofreaders will go through your book and identify if other steps of editing are required. If they are good to go, we will proceed further.


Correction of Spellings and Typos

Our proofreaders will thoroughly check each page of your manuscript for spelling mistakes and typos.


Checking Grammatical Errors

The next step in our process includes grammar errors. We understand that when you’re going in full flow, you might miss some grammatical details. So, don’t worry, we’re here to fix them.


Checking for Syntax Errors

Syntax errors are hard to track, even for seasonal editors. But our proofreaders have the experience and expertise to handle these errors to perfection.


Double Checking

Our senior proofreaders will go through with the proofread document once again to spot any errors (if any) and rectify them.

Don’t Skimp on Editing-Hire Our Proofreader Today!

We know proofreading can be a trivial task, but it’s all the more crucial. Skimping through your books is a bad decision. Here’s how you benefit if you let our proofreaders handle the job:

Swift Service

As the name suggests, Swift Book Publishing offers a speedy service. But we don’t compromise on quality. We
ensure our proofreading is thorough and precise.

Affordable Solution

Not only do we boast a seamless service, but our book proofreading services also fall at affordable rates.

Peace of Mind

Being an author is tough, and you don’t want to make it harder by putting countless hours into editing and
proofreading. We’ll help you refine your work.

Book Proofreading Services
Swift book publishing


Elevate Your Manuscript with Swift Book Proofreading Services

Being an author, you’ve poured your creativity, time, and passion into your work, yet it ought to be polished to unlock its full potential by some professional book proofreading services like ours. Here are the top benefits of choosing us.

Common Question

Frequent Questions

At Swift Book Publishing, we know that when it comes to perfecting your literary masterpiece, questions abound. That’s why we’ve compiled a bunch of FAQs to address all your queries about Book Proofreading Services.  

Our book proofreading service focuses on scanning your manuscript for any errors before publication. We want to ensure that your work is error-free. We meticulously review your book for any grammatical mistakes, spelling errors, punctuation problems, and clarity issues. Through us, you can ensure your book has a consistent flow. Read to ensure your book shines. Call us to get started.

The book proofreading service cost varies depending on your manuscript length, content complexity, and special requirements. However, at Swift Book Publishing, we offer our services at an affordable range. In addition, we can offer a more accurate quote based on your budget and requirements. Just give us a call to get started!

Absolutely, they don’t call us Swift Book Publishing for anything. We offer several book related services, from book editing and proofreading to publishing as well. Not only can we help you with publishing, but we can also offer expert insights and tips to help you get a smooth publishing process. Call us to learn more about our book publishing services. 

We keep our communication smooth and transparent while working on your project. To ensure your collaboration, we keep our communication lines open for any feedback or opinions you may have. In addition, we also offer updates regarding the project phase.