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Boost Your Book’s Online Presence With Our Book Marketing Services

Your book’s online presence is key to turning it into a best seller. With millions of books released annually, the question remains: how can you make your book stand out? Through our expert book marketing service. Swift Book Publishing is your go-to book marketing company that can generate strategies to help your book reach the masses.

Book Marketing Services
Swift Book Publishing
Swift Book Publishing
Swift Book Publishing
Swift Book Publishing
Swift Book Publishing
Book Marketing Services
Swift book publishing

An Expert Book Marketing Company Can Turn your Story into A Bestseller!

After you write a book, you can’t expect them to sell themselves. Book sales depend primarily on how well it’s marketed, which is why you need an experienced book marketing company like Swift Book Publishing. Here’s what our company offers:

Professional Marketers

We have a team of proficient marketers ready for any marketing challenge. Our experts can help promote your book to the right audience.

In-depth Knowledge of Genres

Have a super complex genre book that you’re unsure anyone can promote. Leave it to us. Our book marketing services don’t discriminate among any genre.

Market Leading Strategies

As an expert book marketing company, we have in-depth knowledge of trends and how to use them effectively for book promotion. With our assistance, make your book an instant hit.

Discover a New Era of Effective Book Marketing.

Writing a book is one thing but making it connect with the targeted audience is another ball game. This is where our effective book marketing comes into the picture. Our strategic book marketing services can help you market your book to the right audience with an immediate effect.

Professional Marketeers

We are home to a proficient marketing team that can help you promote your book to the right audience. We can develop new techniques that can assist you in becoming a bestselling author.

Brief Understanding of Genres

Our book marketing team brings an extensive amount of experience in all genres. We can help you target the perfect reader base that connects with your stories in a blink of an eye.

Market Leading Strategies

We pride ourselves as a leading book marketing company that understands the popular book marketing notions. Our team can come up with market leading tactics helping your book become an instant hit.

Swift Book Publishing
Swift book publishing

A Quality Book Marketing Services Offer Quality Strategies!

Swift Book Publishing can help turn your book into a bestseller. You could say we’re marketing wizards. Not the kind that rides on brooms and cast spells through wands, but use strategies to do our marketing magic. Here’s what we offer:

Video Book Trailers

Effective visuals can go a long way in making an impression on the audience. We can engage your audience with effective video book trailers that will keep them hooked.

Author’s Website

Apart from the book, readers can also be interested in the author. An online presence can also work well with book promotion. Build the perfect author website to connect with your audience.

Effective Book Publicity

We also offer smart and engaging publicity tactics to create buzz around your book. With our effective book marketing strategies, make your book the talk of the town.

How do We Offer Book Marketing Services?

As a book marketing expert, we believe in understanding your marketing needs and delivering the best result. We strive for a seamless and hassle-free process for our clients. Here’s how we go about our book marketing process:

Initial Consultation

Our process starts by having your fill out the questionnaire form regarding your general book marketing needs. Then we follow it with a meeting arrangement with our representative. Here we highlight the project's scope and delivery date.

Developing Marketing Plan

After gathering the necessary information, it's time to develop a suitable marketing plan. The plan outlines the strategies and tactics to help our book marketing efforts. After creating the plan, we'll send it to you for approval.

Campaign Execution

After getting the green light, our marketing specialist works on plan execution. Here’s where our marketing experts come into play. We use different platforms, including social media and the author's website, to help with book promotion.

Reporting and Analysis

Throughout the marketing campaign, our experts also provide regular reports to you regarding the marketing campaign performance. The data collected further helps in strategy optimization. With it we improve our tactics and strategies.

Post-Campaign Evaluation

After the book marketing campaign concludes, we conduct a thorough post-campaign evaluation. Through it, we can offer insight regarding which areas to improve and what additional marketing efforts or strategies you should implement for long-term visibility and sales.

Get to Know Our Book Marketing Process

As a prominent book marketing expert, we believe in understanding your book marketing needs and delivering the best results. We strive to make the process smooth and hassle-free for all our valued clients.


Fill out Our Questionnaire Form

It all starts with you filling out our form helping our book marketing team understand your needs.


Connect with a Representative

Moving forward our representative will connect with you regarding the book marketing project.


Listening to Your Story

We study your book thoroughly helping you connect with the right audience.


Developing a Strategic Plan

Our marketing team comes together to curate an effective marketing strategy for your book.


Connecting to the Targeted Audience

We follow industry leading practices to make your book stand out.

What Makes Our Book Marketing Service a Go-to Option

Although marketing experts can help you create a reader base for your book, not every online book marketing company is as expert as they claim to be. Here’s why Swift Book Publishing should be your go-to option:

Tried and Tested Marketing Tools

Our marketing experts only use foolproof marketing strategies and techniques to help with book promotion.

Professional Marketing Specialists

We are home to some of the best book marketing experts online.

Out of the Box Thinking

Our experts bring an out-of-the-box thinking approach to tackle book marketing.

Book Marketing Services
Swift book publishing


Reach To New Heights With Our Book Marketing Services

At Swift Book Marketing Services, our team of book marketing experts has all the expertise to strategically position your book in front of the right audience, which will make you roar in the sky.

Common Question

Frequent Questions

Explore our FAQs section Here; we answer your burning questions and provide insights into the ever-evolving world of book marketing. However, if we still fail to clear your concerns – we’re all ears. Ask away!

It is a thorough outline that features the experts’ strategies for book promotion. Get in touch with our experts to assist you with improving your book’s online presence.

Our experts are well-versed in all kinds of genres. We have the relevant experience to help with any book marketing, regardless of its genre. With us, you’re sure to see positive results.

The cost of a book marketing service varies depending on the project scope, the client’s needs, and the budget. Contact our representative to get an accurate range for your book marketing needs.  

Absolutely! Our experts can help with any kind of book promotion. We can use video book trailers and other marketing tactics to help create a buzz in your target audience around your book. Get in touch with us today for book marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring a reliable book marketing company can be a perfect start toward the marketing journey.

An author’s website can help you communicate with your audience and market your book.

A book marketing company can help you target the right audience that connects with your book.

A book marketing plan is a thorough outline representing your book’s marketing goals.