How To Get Started With Kindle Unlimited Audiobooks

Unlocking Kindle Unlimited Audiobooks: A Quick Guide to Get Started

How To Get Started with Kindle Unlimited Audiobooks

Kindle is a renowned website for ebooks and avid readers, and you may have heard about their audiobooks, too. Most readers are hesitant to use audiobooks, but Kindle Unlimited audiobooks are a must-have.

We all have busy routines, and it is difficult to find the time to read. This is why audiobooks are such a treat and unlimited access on Kindle is the perfect solution. You could listen to it while you’re driving to work, doing a chore, getting ready for a book, and more. You can find KU audiobooks in various genres and Kindle unlimited books with narration. 

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What are Kindle Unlimited Audiobooks?

Kindle Unlimited audiobooks are a service provided by Amazon. You can subscribe to the service to stream and download audiobooks. Go through their vast library to borrow the books you find most interesting. 

How to get started?

Sign Up: the first step is to sign up for the Kindle audiobook service. You can start with the free trial before you start paying for the monthly subscription.

Download: You need two apps to get the full benefit. Get the Kindle app to browse and borrow ebooks. Then, you need an audiobook app to listen to the audiobooks. 

Find the ebook: Once you’ve signed up and downloaded the apps, it’s time to start using the unlimited audiobooks. Browse the catalog and find the audiobook you enjoy reading the most. Look for the read-and-listen free option that includes narration. 

Borrow and Listen: Kindle Unlimited audiobooks include a borrowing section. You can find some cool audiobooks here and add them to your library. Download them to listen offline and take advantage of the playback settings.

Kindle Unlimited Features

Variety: An avid reader is attracted to a wide variety of books. In Kindle Unlimited, you can find a wide variety of books from various genres. 

Brick and Mortar no More: Unlike a traditional brick-and-mortar library, there are no due dates, and you are able to borrow as many ebooks as you like. You don’t have to worry about returning books on time and read at your own pace.

Find Audiobooks: There are thousands of audiobooks available for free with Kindle Unlimited. 

Read on any device: You can use the Kindle Unlimited Audiobook on any device, whether it is a tablet, smartphone, or personal computer.

Free trial: Once you sign up, you get thirty days of free Kindle Unlimited services without cost. This would be a good trial run to help you figure out whether or not this is the right fit for you or not.

How Do You Decide If Audiobooks Are Right For You Or Not?

Some people prefer the touch of a book while reading. Audiobooks may not be for everyone; you might struggle to focus on two things at one time. So, for these reasons or any other, you must ask yourself whether or not audiobooks are right for you. The right way to check out audiobooks is to use their free trial and discounted books. Test it out for a month and see if it’s the right fit for you. 

How to Find Audiobooks on Kindle Unlimited?

Personalize Your Experience: Set the time you want to listen to an audiobook. Use the feature to adjust the speed at which the audiobook plays, highlight passages that you find particularly interesting, and set reminders to read at a later time. 

Your Audiobook Library: Like a physical library at home, you can create your own library on Kindle. Arrange categories and consider getting rid of books you’ve finished to keep your audiobook library organized. This will help you search through the books with ease. 

Explore: Explore unique KU audiobooks that are exclusive to Kindle Unlimited. Take a look at the genres you find interesting and discover fresh and fascinating voices to illustrate new tales you won’t find anywhere else.

Community Building: Join the online community and discussion boards to talk about the book and meet like-minded individuals. Engage in conversation with fellow fans of your favorite book and authors to exchange advice and suggestions.

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Kindle Unlimited vs. Audible

You might be wondering how Audible and Kindle Unlimited vary from one another and which is superior, given that they are both Amazon services. In the end, the response will rely on your listening preferences, financial situation, and ideal features of an audiobook subscription service.

Kindle Unlimited charges $11.99 a month vs. Audible, which costs $7.95. However, Audible Premium Plus costs $14.95 and offers all the content of Audible Plus plus one title per month that you may retain even after your subscription expires. 

You can’t beat Audible in terms of content. You got 500 Kindle unlimited books with narration vs. 2000 audible audiobooks

On Audible, you can find other audio-based content like podcasts. They even make original content like sleeping tracks and meditation programs. The wider range of audio content gives it the edge over Kindle Unlimited audiobooks. 

Conclusion :

In the past, people may have struggled to find the time to read. Now, with an audiobook, all those worries are gone. You’re driving and can’t hold a book? You’re doing chores and can’t read? No worries. You can sign up for Kindle Unlimited audiobooks today, use the free trial feature, browse through the millions of books, and start listening to KU audiobooks today.